Hello Friends!

At PC Plug Life we are all about offering helpful, easy to read guides and get TREMENDOUS joy in helping anyone build, upgrade or fix a problem with their PC. We also love telling you about new amazing tech in the greatest detail possible.

For instance, Building a PC for the first time can feel super stressful. So is choosing new components when upgrading. You need to make the right decisions the first time around because that **** is expensive and fragile!

We aim to give accurate advice that is easy to follow, which feels interpersonal—like talking to a friend.

Get that extra boost of confidence to undertake a big project, or if your computer is a ticking time bomb, count on us to help you defuse it. Should we use the word bomb on the internet? Probably not.

It’s Short Story Time!

PCPlugLife.com was created in December of 2018 by Ryan Welch—an avid PC Builder and certified Tech bad-a** of 18 years.

He started not by building, but by taking apart his first computer out of boredom at the young age of fourteen. Mostly because it was a weak sauce PC and couldn’t play any of the games he wanted.

He has since built many computers for himself, strangers, friends, and family alike. He writes most of the articles on PC Plug Life… okay, all of the articles. Like most things, that’s subject to change with time and growth.

Setting All The Goals

The goal is to grow PC Plug Life to be a resource community that thrives on helping countless tech enthusiasts and gamers alike build and maintain pristine, custom computers and get informed on the latest and greatest software and devices.

We plan to put out only high-quality articles year after year. If at any point we decide that an article is no longer relevant we will destroy it with fire. Our advantage will be producing nothing but pure gold, where others are ok with bronze and silver.

You want fast, accurate, and complete info without having to wade thru pages of bull****. We get it! After all, we’re like you, just out here tryin’ to live that Plug Life yo!

Did I do that right?

Much love!